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So anyways, I'm kind of the new guy at this company I work for, and they've gotten so much business lately that they're slammed and have work scheduled several months out. We're just now getting to jobs that were sold back in February, so things have been pretty stressful on management and on the installers who are working long hours to keep the pace up. Anyways, yesterday, all of that scrambling finally caused a huge sh*tstorm. First off, we get to the job at 9AM, but we'd been waiting around for management to show up and tell us where our next job is since about 7. We were told that this kitchen was getting a new bamboo floor overlay and a new tile backsplash. There are two of us, so we figure it'd probably take about a day and a half, two days max to get everything done. The granite guys are also supposed to be showing up soon as well, so the first thing we're supposed to have done is have the old backsplash demo'd and the old countertops removed. Long story short: Nobody had told the customer to empty his cabinets the day before, so they were loaded with stuff. The granite guys showed up 15 minutes after we first arrived, sending my partner into panic get er done mode. He decided to go into turbo demo mode, pulled the countertops off before demoing the backsplash and didn't empty the cabinets so their contents were covered in debris. I tried to protest, but I'm the new guy and really can't give orders. I took on the tile backsplash, and the other guy started the bamboo floor. Someone, somehow sold this guy on a 13x13 tile for their backsplash with no border. It looked terrible, but the HO likes it so who am I to judge? The guy installing the floor didn't notice that somehow a box of a lighter shade of the same flooring got mixed in, and we didn't notice it until after it was pretty much done, so we have to tear up about 1/2 the floor and replace it with new. In his defense, it was hard to notice until you get up and look at the floor in its entirety and you see a slightly lighter section. Sadly it's in the middle of the room. After I had tiled about 90% of the backsplash, the HO asked if we were still going to wire up the formerly plug-in puck lights to a switch, and also to remove the window stool I'd tiled around and tile over it. (this wasn't on the spec sheet because someone had forgotten to note it) So yeah, bad day. The cool part is that we have the best HO in the world. His attitude is Yeah, sh*t happens, I know you guys will take care of it. We got his kitchen functional for the weekend, and we've got new materials due to be in Monday. He'll be done by Wednesday at the latest. Still, just goes to show what happens when people get in a hurry.
Category: General Contractor Post By: MAURICE KELLER (West Jordan, UT), 02/13/2018

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