Forum Title: Insulating A 1950's Flat Roof Home
Hello, I am currently working on 1950's brick home with a flat roof. The custom has asked me rip down all the exterior plaster walls since their is no insualtion in them as well as the plaster ceiling to add insualtion to the roof. I have recommended to the customer that on the walls we frame these out with 2x4's and then insulate with closed cell spray foam. Unfortunately the customer does not want to pay the cost for spray foam. So my other option to them was to put up 1 ridgid foam on all the walls and then frame out with 2x3's and use bat insulation between 2x3's which offers them great r value with a major cost savings. Thoughts on this idea? The ceiling is a whole other issue. The Ceiling is made up like this. Flat rood right on the joist. Joist are 2 x 10's and then plaster ceiling. Currently between the joist their is loose filled insualtion whith a kraft vapor barrier. Again I recommended removing the loose fill and replacing it with spray foam. But cost came up again on the spray foam. I am trying to figure out how to increase the insulation for the customer without killing them on cost. Thoughts? I know that with the loose fill insualtion that they have up their already they have between a R17 to a R27 depending on the type of insulation and how much this sinsualtion has settled. One idea that I had was to add foam board between the joist which would be below the loose fill insulation but I am woried about moisture. If I added 2 foam board insualtion between the joist I would be able to add a R10 to the existing insualtion value. Thoughts?
Category: General Contractor Post By: HAZEL JENSEN (New Britain, CT), 02/16/2018

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